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Franciscan Renewal Center


Giving all who come to this sacred place, now and in the future, the grace and resources to fully become what they are called to be – for themselves, their families, their communities, and this world.


What Will It Be? Whether you're just beginning to plan your legacy, or considering changes to your legacy decisions, legacy writing is the perfect way to start thinking about what you want your legacy to be.

We Invite You to attend an engaging, interactive workshop on writing Your Story, Your Legacy - a precious gift to family and community that conveys the values that have defined your life, the wisdom you want to pass on to others and your hopes for future generations. Come discover how Your Story, Your Legacy can prepare you for creating an effective estate plan.

For more information about planning your legacy, or participating in the workshop Your Story, Your Legacy contact:

Michael Stephan, Development Director
Tel: (480) 306-4589


So often we are touched by stories of how the Casa has stirred souls, restored faith, healed families, and changed lives. In what moments has the Casa been there for you? In what ways have you seen God's love in action at the Casa? How has your life been enriched?

Your Legacy Can Transform Lives. By leaving a part of your legacy with the Casa, you can help ensure that the Casa's life-giving programs and ministries will be sustainable for the generations who follow. We have many options for legacy gifts available to you, designed to meet your personal needs and help create your legacy at the Casa. Contact us now to learn more.


For hundreds of years, endowments have sustained good works that feed body, mind and soul in every corner of the world and across generations. Through sound investing and prudent spending, endowments have the power to keep giving and growing in perpetuity. They provide a consistent source of operating revenue that can be relied upon year after year.

At the Casa, endowment holds the key to future financial sustainability. As our community and our facilities grow, no one should ever have to be turned away for lack of resources. We are responding to the call of the future by working to increase the Franciscan Renewal Center Endowment to $50 million. The revenue it generates will sustain our programs and ministries long into the future, so the needs of all who come to this sacred place will always be served.

Does Endowment Have a Place in Your Legacy? The Casa's legacy is in our hands. Will you make it part of your legacy? A gift to the Endowment is a wonderful way to leave a lasting imprint that you were here and your commitment mattered, it mattered greatly. To read more about how the Endowment works, and the options you have for designating your gift to a mission-centered fund within the Franciscan Renewal Center Endowment, please click here.

Love Never Ends

(1 Corinthians 13:8, NJB)